Noah Kennard

Finding solutions 
to help you succeed
With more than three years of experience working with Auto CAD, Autodesk Inventor and general 3D printing, I am confident that I can help you solve your stubborn challenges. 

I’ve gained my skills both through structured training and on-the-job application, with a large part of my work using 2D and 3D rendering software for modelling and drafting applications in the solar industry. Now I'm ready to take my skills to more challenging ventures.

The Skills
You Need
Information Technology
• Advanced Microsoft Office use
• Virus removal
• Device setup
• Computer networking

Drafting and Modeling
• In house experience with AutoCAD, 
Autodesk Inventor and Adobe Photoshop
• Basic Revit design work

• In house experience with VBA and BASIC programming languages
• Microcontroller programming

3D Fabrication
• Trained operation of CNC machines
• MakerBot 3D Printer Operation
• MIG, TIG, and Stick Welding experience and training